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How Do You Know if You're Ready?

As a consultant to creative small business owners, one thing I've learned is that we ALL struggle with very similar issues and roadblocks when it comes to improving, growing or changing our businesses.

A very popular question goes something like this:

"I love making things, but how do I know if I'm ready to start selling my work?"

Golden mirror on a wall reflecting another golden mirror into infinity

If you love making and giving your things away, it makes sense that you would be thinking of getting into the making and *selling* business.

But how do you know when you're ready to take the next step and make your hobby a real business?

Before you move forward, you need to know the road ahead. Taking the time to evaluate where you are in your readiness to sell your work will make the difference between trying and flailing. Yes, I said FLailing...which is what it feels like when you're in over your head!

To test your resolve, try these statements on and see how they feel then answer "true" or "false":

  • My friends and/or family always tell me that I should sell my work

  • If necessary, I can spend all hours of the day happily making things

  • I willing to make the same (or similar) items more than once to sell them

  • I am not afraid to show my work to a stranger and hear their feedback

  • When I receive feedback, I can take the things that are constructive and leave the things that are not

  • I know that not everyone is going to like what I make...and I'm okay with that

  • The thought of hard work does not scare me away from considering starting a business

If you answered "true" to all of the above, then you just might be ready to take the next step toward selling your work to others!

If you answered "false" to a few of these questions, don't worry -- look them over again and try to figure out what would help you say "true".

If you ultimately decide that you don't want to sell your work, then take heart: there truly is great value and satisfaction that comes from making something and giving it away or hanging on to it because you love it.

And remember, if don't want to start a business, don't give in to the pressure. Just keep doing what you do best - making great stuff!


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