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As a consultant to creative small business owners, one thing I've learned is that we ALL struggle with very similar issues and roadblocks when it comes to improving, growing or changing our businesses. 

A very popular question goes something like this:

"I love making th...

So. How much SHOULD you expect to sell at a show?

To start, here is a quick and dirty general formula to help you start figuring out if a show is worth your time:

Booth Fee x 3 = the MINIMUM amount to sell at the show to make it even remotely worthwhile.

What does th...

It's Holiday craft show season once again and vendors everywhere are struggling with the same question: "How much inventory do I make for my shows?"

Want a quick answer that works? Here's the most common formula:

Figure out how much you plan to make in sales at the...

Afraid to raise your prices? Yeah, I have some thoughts on that too.

When it comes to fear, the only thing it is ever going to do for your business is hold you back from living your dreams. We must be stronger than our fears if we are going to make a living doing what w...

People will often ask me, "How did you get started with your creative business?"

Well...It started when I made my first few dollars selling earrings to my junior high school classmates...

Yawn. That's not really what you want to know, is it?

What you really want to know i...

Just when you think you've had enough, that's when it's important to keep pushing. That's when breakthroughs happen.

Pricing handmade work is one of the biggest hurdles for an artist to jump when building a business. Making a profit doing what we love to do challenges our beliefs about what we, and our work, are worth; and yet we struggle with making enough to make a decent living.


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"Handmade Value: a Pricing Guide for Artists and Craft Makers"


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"Small Object Photography for Your Online Shop"


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